Year 1

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Term One Week Six

Hello again,

We can not believe how quickly the term is going.

Thank you to the parents who have been helping out with our reading roster. we are really seeing the children''s enjoyment of reading improve.

In a few short weeks the children will be participating in their EduDance concerts.  1W-Wednesday
1B Thursday of week ten. The children have been asked to bring a costume to wear for their dance. If possible we would like all children to be wearing their blue school sports shorts, sports shoes, that they would normally wear on their sports day, a plain green shirt and if possible a pair of swimming goggles. (Not mask and snorkle)
 In class we are continuing to work on the children''s letter and sound knowledge. we are also spending time explicitly teaching correct letter formations. we are also continuing our weekly guided reading sessions and for writing will be focusing on procedures over the next few weeks.

In maths we are continuing to focus on developing number sense and counting. We have been practising skip counting and simple addition using number lines and simple partitioning.

Over the next few weeks during our outdoor learning time we will be exploring some games from the past as part of our history focus. If you have any games from your childhood that you would be willing to share, lease send them in.

Just a reminder that every Tuesday is our open classroom where you are more than welcome to come inside our rooms and spend time with your children until the first bell goes. We would ask that you not come in on the other days as the morning is a very busy time for us as we try to spend time with individual children listening to reading and practising their sight words. If you do have any queries please send us an email or make an appointment.

We hope you all have a good week.

Mrs Debbie Cannell (1W) and Miss Lani Edwards (1B)